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JetZone® homeopathic jet lag remedy was developed to help prevent jet lag in-flight safely without side effects. JetZone, the military and professional athletes companion, was developed for those traveling by jet across time zones for business & pleasure, frequent flyers, flight attendants & pilots.

100% Natural Homeopathic Travel Medicine
Uniquely Formulated to Prevent Jet Lag
30 Tablets for 2 International Round Trips/48 Hours of Flying Time
Chewable and Pleasant Tasting Tablets
Easy to Use – No Water Needed
Free of Interactions & Side Effects
Safe & Effective
Flight Spray® Is The First Germ-Fighting Nasal Hydration Spray Designed Especially for Airline Travelers

Flight Spray helps:
Fight Colds, Flu & Sore Throat on Planes
Moisten the Nasal Passages
Support the Immune System
Relieve Congestion
Clear Sinuses

Flight Spray is:
Great for Dry Airplane Cabin Environments
100% Pure Hydrosol & Alcohol-Free
Made in Maui from Hawaiian Grown Plants
Safe & Effective

Flight Spray is the first all natural nasal hydration spray formulated especially for airline travelers, is allowed under current Transportation Security Administration regulations to be carried onto airlines. Flight Spray® can help prevent colds, flu and sore throats due to recycled airplane air and close proximity to those with any transmittable symptoms.

Flight Spray is formulated and bottled in Maui, Hawaii by combining two of the most effective herbal ingredients used in the treatment of nasal ailments, Turmeric root and Spearmint using a patent pending hydrodistillation process.

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  • JetZone® is Licensed by Health Canada to be Sold in Canada.
  • The Drug Identification Number - Homeopathic Medicine Number for JetZone® in Canada is DIN-HM 80021313
  • The Global Source Health Canada Company Code is 22780

Jet Setters!

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine introduced and developed by the German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, at the beginning of the 19th century. Homeopathic medicines, or 'remedies', stimulate the body's self-regulating mechanisms to initiate the healing process, this is called the Law of Similars.

Example of the Law of Similars in homeopathy

Homeopathy is Safe and Effective

The active ingredients are given in highly diluted forms to avoid toxicity. By virtue of their infinite dilution, homeopathic medications are completely safe and non-addictive, with no unwanted side-effects. The success of homeopathic medicine clinically has been demonstrated by its international adoption and effectiveness in treatment of millions of people world-wide.

“Homeopathy…. cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond a doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Dana Ullmann,  the author of the book:

The Homeopathic Revolution: Famous People and Cultural Heroes Who Chose Homeopathy

Wrote that, many well-known celebrities and cultural heroes subscribe to the safety and effectiveness of homeopathic medications:

JetZone® homeopathic addresses jet lag issues to help you manage your jet lag in-flight safely without side effects.

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Jet lag is a complex condition:

Jetlag occurs when travel by jet airplane quickly puts a person in another time zone. In this new location the person must sleep and wake at times that are misaligned with his or her own body clock

  • The severity of the problem increases with the number of time zones that are crossed
  • Jetlag may last longer and be more severe when traveling in an eastward direction
  • There appears to be no difference in the amount of jet lag experienced in homeward versus outward directions

The adjustment process of the circadian system is slow for jet lag, averaging 60 minutes of phase adjustment per day after a phase-advance shift [eastbound flight] and 90 minutes per day after a phase-delay shift [westbound flight], symptoms can last for days after the flight. West-to-east trips may require 1 day of recovery for each time zone crossed. East-to-west journeys may require 1 day of recovery for each one and a half time-zones crossed. For example, when you cross 6 time zones flying east, it might take 6 days to recover, but when you fly west, it may take no more than 4 days for your body to fully catch up.

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