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30 August 2011

Homeopathy for jet lag really works! I popped a few JetZone Jet Lag prevention tablets on my way here and within 2 days, was free of any jet lag. I wasn't really used to having so much energy in the middle of the day so early in a trip to Asia, and as a result, have spent much more money than I had intended to already (?!). Hmm, maybe they should mention that as a drawback of not being jet-lagged.

- Mare

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Beijing Forum: Long Layover Experiences...? And will feel like a zombie?
31 August 2011

By the second day beijing, we had minimal jet lag. Of course, the homeopathic medicine JetZone, and the west-east finnair route helped.

Greece Forum: My short trip report April 20-30
29 May 2011

My family went to Greece together with my eldest daughter's school trip from April 20 to April 30.

We went via Delta airlines. My youngest daughter and I took Jetzone anti jet lag pills and she and I swore that we felt no jetlag at all. As an experiment, my wife declined the offer of the pills and she was jet lagged!

- Bigwawao New York City, Since June 2004

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April 26, 2011
The newest incarnation is called JetZone. I used it on a three-day round trip to Doha, Qatar, for Excellence magazine in February. It worked superbly on that 17 1/2 hour flight east bound—I arrived 11 time zones from California and was on their time. That was important because Excellence editor Pete Stout had me working hard and fast the next morning. I'm banking on the same stuff for this trip because, as I mentioned yesterday, our first interview is with retired racing director Peter Falk. It's scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday.

- Randy Leffingwell

Renowned author Randy Leffingwell was asked by Dieter Landenberger, head of Porsche’s archives, to produce the definitive, official history of Porsche’s motorsports activities.

JetZone is the Current Top Seller - Toiletries, Health & Personal Care

Jet Lag Drug Allows Travelers Be at 'Top of Game'

Jet Lag Drug Allows Travelers Be at 'Top of Game'
Nuvigil, Drug Used for Narcolepsy, Works Until Circadian Clock Adjusts to Time Change

"As a rule, I don't agree with taking something that is not natural to the body," said Andrea Fazzari, a portrait photographer in her early 30s who estimates that she only spends 10 days a month at her Manhattan home. The rest of her time she's traveling the world for her work.

"I actually do rather well with jet lag; I've learned to control it," she said. "Besides trying to sleep as best I can on my international flights, and not napping as soon as I arrive somewhere, unless it is already night of course."

She relies on a homeopathic product called Jetzone, an herbal concoction made of flower essences that is available from Whole Foods, to ease the jet lag.

Robin Coe-Hutshing's Five Travel Must-Haves JetZone to the rescue
by Mollie Chen
JetZone: Coe-Hutshing takes this homeopathic combination to relieve jet lag and "symptoms of insomnia, exhaustion, irritability, and anxiety".

Flying Abroad for Senior Citizens
A tough one to overcome in long haul travel is jet lag (also often written as jetlag). It is a common sleep disorder and, most importantly, it is a symptom, or set of symptoms, and not a disease. When we talk about a jet lag remedy or a jet lag cure therefore we are not talking about overcoming jet lag directly, but are looking at treating the underlying cause or causes. Check out JetZone as it is a homeopathic combination for the temporary relief of the disruptions in circadian rhythms and fatigue associated with jet lag from flying and the symptoms of insomnia, exhaustion, irritability and anxiety.

Jenn Falik - Style & Beauty Expert

Studio Secrets area at new Studio BeautyMix at Korres has best stuff ever! Jetzone anti-jet lag remedy- genius.
- Jenn Falik

London Girl

So here is my survival kit for extreme PR activities - which will help me ensure that I remain stress-free, calm, rested and healthy:

1. JETZONE: Homeopathic tablets which you take every two hours, in order to make sure you can function as soon as you land. NEVER TAKE SLEEPING TABLETS ON PLANES.
- Tallulah Keats

Christy's Adventures
The Jet Zone homeopathic tablets worked well and I am not feeling very tired at all (Thanks Don and Bonnie).
- Christy

The Yacht Report World Tour - Seattle to Sydney
...In fact an amazing homeopathic pill called Jet Zone actually seems to have eliminated any jetlag for me between Seattle and Sydney…..
- Captain Tork Buckley - Editor - Superyacht News

Catching Flight 001! | The Los Angeles Mirror
I purchased these pills for the first time after recommendations by my friends and I must say that they work to the fullest. Kim & I both had at least 5 pills during our flight to Spain and did not sleep a wink.   We seemed full of energy and I felt not one symptom of jet lag, so I highly recommend these chewable pills for a long journey.
- Printcess Columnist - The Los Angeles Mirror

My Carry On Check List by Andrea Fazzari
Andrea Fazzari is a self taught portrait, travel, and lifestyle photographer who shoots for such clients as Gourmet, Travel+Leisure, Departures, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Adventures in Air Travel
I took some homeopathic jet lag medication (I highly recommend this stuff, Jet Zone, because it really prevented my usual travel headache AND it made me feel very relaxed).
- Amanda McCarty

Adoption Journey to China
Trish found some wonderful herbal supplements that deal specifically with this problem and they worked like a charm - they're called "Jet Zone."
- Don Nelson

Travel to Conference in Austria
Nadia and I ready for the opening night. We got there a day early and used the spa to restore some balance after our long 24 hour travel day. We also took JetZone a homeopathic product for Jet lag management which ended up being very helpful both ways!
- Sabrina Kindell

Mission from Pittsburg, United States to Nairobi, Kenya in Africa
We made the 24-hour trip with a minimum of hassles, which is always a good thing... Everyone slept well the first night, thanks to our JetZone "no jet lag" pills.  These are a homeopathic concoction and you chew one pill every two hours from the time you take off, and they work
 - Dr. John Stanko

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